Digital Twin

A digital twin refers to a virtual representation or digital counterpart of a physical object, system, or process. This virtual model is created by gathering and integrating real-time data from the physical counterpart through various sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The purpose of a digital twin is to simulate, monitor, and analyze the behavior and performance of the physical entity in a digital environment. This technology enables a more comprehensive understanding of the real-world object, facilitating improved decision-making, predictive analysis, and optimization of performance throughout its lifecycle. Digital twins are commonly employed in various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, infrastructure, and smart cities.



Day Brook Solutions LLC offers customers the capability to obtain post-construction digital twins, consisting of Lidar point clouds and 3D models. A digital twin, in this context, is a virtual representation of a completed physical structure, generated through Lidar technology and 3D modeling. This digital counterpart allows for detailed analysis, monitoring, and simulation of the real-world structure, providing valuable insights and data post-construction.

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